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    9/29 @ 5:10 PM
    teennick - #DegrassiMusicVideo in less than 24 hours and Season 14 premiere on October 28th? *does happy dance*
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    9/29 @ 3:06 PM
    teennick - Calling all do-gooders! Do you know someone who Helps and Leads Others? Nominate them here and spread the #HALOEffect
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    9/22 @ 5:05 PM
    teennick - If you entered the #HowDoYouPlaySweeps, look out for a DM to see if you won!
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    9/22 @ 5:01 PM
    teennick - Thanks so much for tweeting along and a big thanks to @FUTP60 for providing prizes! Share your playful moments using #loveofplay
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    9/22 @ 5:00 PM
    teennick - And that’s a wrap! We had a blast tweeting with you guys! Thanks for joining us for the #HowDoYouPlaySweeps Twitter Party! @McCourtyTwins
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    9/22 @ 4:57 PM
    teennick - Last question for a chance to win! What’s one sport or outdoor game that you’ve never tried but really want to? #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:52 PM
    teennick - Q8: If you could pit us against each other in a classic recess game what would you want us to play? @McCourtyTwins #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:45 PM
    teennick - Q7: What old-school game would you like to see us @McCourtyTwins play off the field?
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    9/22 @ 4:41 PM
    teennick - It would be cool to experience being “it” since I never was as a kid. #FasterTwin (D-Mac) #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:40 PM
    teennick - Q6: In a game of tag, would you rather be “it” or be chased? #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:30 PM
    teennick - Q5: Did you ever make up your own game? What was it called? #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:25 PM
    teennick - It wasn't a secret but we loved to play at the playground behind our apartment growing up. Mom didn't let us have secrets! @McCourtyTwins
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    9/22 @ 4:22 PM
    teennick - Q4: Did you and your friends have a secret spot where you liked to play? #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:18 PM
    teennick - Impossible to pick just one, but playing 2-on-2 basketball (and winning) until it got dark out. (D-Mac) #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:17 PM
    teennick - Q3: What's one epic memory you have from playing outside with your neighborhood pals? #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:15 PM
    teennick - I love going to the park with my wife and daughter. We’re all about playing on the swings. (J-Mac) #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:10 PM
    teennick - Q2: What is your favorite thing to do outdoors in the fall? #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 4:01 PM
    teennick - Let’s do this! Q1: Which classic recess game can you still dominate today? Four square, hopscotch, jump rope, kickball?
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    9/22 @ 4:00 PM
    teennick - Alright, who’s ready for this? The McCourty Twins are joining us right NOW! #HowDoYouPlaySweeps
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    9/22 @ 3:59 PM
    teennick - Abbreviated rules: Must be 13+, a U.S. resident & use #HowDoYouPlaySweeps b/w 8pm-9pm ET. Full rules here:
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    Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Recap for Blind Audition Night Three 9/29; Full Results!Spoiler Alert! THE VOICE Recap for Blind Audition Night Three 9/29; Full Results! VIDEO: Rachel Bloom Inappropriately Announces Santino Fontana Joins Her Showtime Pilot
    VIDEO: Rachel Bloom Inappropriately Announces Santino Fontana Joins Her Showtime Pilot
    But, Wait! What's On TV Tonight? Tuesday, Sept 30th: Modern MY FAIR LADY 8:00-8:30pm: SELFIE | ABC

    9:00-9:30pm: NEW GIRL | Fox

    11:00-11:30pm: HAPPYLAND | MTV

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