X FACTOR RECAP: The Auditions Head to Providence!

X FACTOR RECAP: The Auditions Head to Providence!

The auditions hit Providence, Rhode Island in tonight's two hour marathon of The X Factor. Whether you missed the show or just want to re-live an audition, read on for a full recap of tonight's show!

We kick things off with a super long segment that includes Britney sending the "Judges' Assistant," Wade, on a search for a straw hat just for the hell of it and putting on lip gloss...again. Is this what she does all the time or are they specifically looking for clips of Britney Spears putting on lip gloss for every intro?

The first group to audition on the actual X Factor part of the show is The Original Greece, comprised of Adonis and John, two 30-somethings who give each other a really dramatic, 300-themed pep talk before hitting the stage. They choose Lionel Richie's "Hello," with one singing in a key that doesn't quite match up with the music and the other kind of grunting occasionally. They don't make it through, but it doesn't faze them and a slew of other contestants, including Sophia Harlow, 20; Ivan Kurzhalav, 24; Caitlin Dorgan, 22; Megan Stratton, 25, don't fare much better.

Dinah Jane Hansen, 15, is up next. She lives with her grandparents, her mother and seventeen other family members - for a total of twenty. "In a house?" Simon asks her. As opposed to what, Simon? Their own personal village? Dinah takes on Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy" and it's an awesome song choice for her - it fits her voice really well and she sails on through with four yeses.

16-year-old Arin Ray made it through the auditions last season and was placed into a group, Intensity, that was later cut. "They're going to see what I'm made of this year," he says. He chooses an original and it's kind of an all-around irritating song, but he has a nice enough X FACTOR RECAP: The Auditions Head to Providence!voice and good stage presence so he also goes through with flying colors. Continuing the teen trend, country singer Natalie Martin, 16; crooner Nick Perrelli, 16; rap duo One4Five, 19 and 23; and kid belter Beatrice Miller, 13, all make it through in one big montage.

The show then features a bunch of clips of people talking about how unique they are, so you can bet that the next contestant is going to be a weird one: and it's 52-year-old Changyi Li, who comes in dressed like she just finished playing Reno in a regional production of Anything Goes and sings Titanic's "My Heart Will Go On." Totally shockingly, she can't really sing, but what's weirdest of all is the fact that the longer her audition goes on the more I like her super strange manner of singing...and by the end of it, I'm pretty sure I'd buy her inevitably horrible CD. 

Austin Corini, 16, gets approached by two random girls to autograph their arms. "He's going to be famous one day, and I'm gonna be like, he signed my arm," one of them says. Cool, I guess, except wouldn't a piece of paper or something have been a better bet for long-term bragging rights? Austin sings Hunter Hayes' "Wanted" and he's actually not that bad for a 16-year-old, so he gets a reluctant four yeses.