VIDEO: Fan Voting Now Open for THE SIMPSONS 'Couch Gag' Contest

It's down to three finalists in Fox's Couch Gag Contest, and YOU pick the winner! The couch gag with the most votes will be animated and will appear in The Simpsons season finale episode on Sunday, May 19.

Below, producers Al Jean and James L. Brooks explain the final phase of the contest. Fans can visit to vote on their favorite entry (Vote early, Vote often!) Between now and Monday, Feb. 11 at 11:59 PM ET.

Meet the contenders and their entries below:

Cheryl Brown, Oakland CA "Dandelions" - Five dandelions - four yellow and one blue - are on the couch. A giant pair of lips emerges from the TV and with a loud sucking and blowing sound, blows. Tiny Simpsons fly all over the room.

Kyle Debona, Fairfield, CT "Tubby Trouble" - Instead of the normal living room, it's the Simpsons' bathroom and the camera zooms in on the tub. The tub is filled with bubbles and you can't see the surface. A Rubber Ducky Marge pops up, followed by a Rubber Ducky of Lisa, Bart and Maggie. A toy tug boat of Homer pops up last. Homer then sinks again with a panicked look on his tug boat face.

Ben Feldman, Oakland, CA - "Revenge of the Sofa" - The Simpsons enter the family room and the couch is missing. They stand there looking puzzled. A vengeful anthropomorphized couch drops from the ceiling behind them and wraps the whole family up in rope side by side, then tips them over onto the floor. Then a "mother" couch and three "child" couches enter the room and join the first couch (the father), and they all sit on The Simpsons to enjoy some TV. THE END.

VIDEO: Fan Voting Now Open for THE SIMPSONS 'Couch Gag' Contest