TIFF Highlights Top Kids and Next Wave Talent at National Jump Cuts Showcases

TIFF Highlights Top Kids and Next Wave Talent at National Jump Cuts ShowcasesOn Saturday, May 13, the first-ever national TIFF Kids Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase and TIFF Next Wave Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase announced their winners. TIFF has TAKEN its Jump Cuts competition national for the first time as part of Canada on Screen, TIFF's celebration of Canada 150. The showcase brings together the best youth filmmaking talent from across the country for a screening and award ceremony. The national TIFF Kids and Next Wave Jump Cuts showcases recognizes the tremendous talent of young filmmakers in grades 4 to 8 and 9 to 12 respectively.
With short films tackling a range of topics from life at residential schools to an insightful look at millennials' perceptions of racial identity, this year's crop of entrants prove that emerging Canadian talent is in no short supply. Reinforcing its ongoing commitment to the national cinema landscape, TIFF tapped its top programming and industry talent to make up the showcases' juries. Jesse Wente, head of TIFF Cinematheque, Magali Simard, Senior Manager of Theatrical Programming, and Geoff MacNaughton, Senior Manager of Sales & Industry, were tasked with selecting winners in both age categories, providing young filmmakers with the unique opportunity to have their work seen by some of TIFF's primary decision MAKERS at an early stage.

"Canada on Screen was designed to recognize the best of Canada's history on screen," said Emily Scheer, Senior Manager, Family & Youth Programming. "Through the Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase, TIFF has been able to widen the scope of the Canada on Screen initiative to recognize and nurture Canada's future filmmaking talent. This year's competition included entrants from all corners of the country, from Prince Edward Island to Nunavut. TIFF is pleased to be able to extend the parameters of the Jump Cuts competition enabling youth from all across the country share their stories through film."

"Canada 150 is the perfect opportunity to celebrate our cultural identity, our creators and our rich heritage," said the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage. "I am delighted to see the Canada on Screen Signature Project showcasing the skills and creativity of young Canadian filmmakers. Take advantage of Canada 150 to discover Canadian films!"

Following screenings on Saturday, May 13 at TIFF Bell Lightbox, winners were selected in both categories from pools of nine and 14 finalists respectively.

The winners of the 2017 national TIFF Kids Jumps Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase are:

Canada 150 Award Winner
The Fortune Teller | British Columbia | dirs. Aias Dalman, Mckenna Mubanda, Juliet Ross and Carla Costea
Some girls find a paper fortune teller, but choose to ignore its warnings.

Honourable Mention
Pongers | Ontario | dirs. Callum Gaw, Jack Apreda, Richard Shao, Scott Raetsen and Travis Truong
Through hard work and training, an aspiring ping ponger reaches the tournament and faces the best pongers in the game! Pong life!

Honourable Mention
I Am From Kugluktuk | Nunavut | dir. the youth of Kugluktuk
We are from the tundra behind the rocks, playing dice games from our ancestors who have passed. We are from Kugluktuk.

For a full list of all participants, please visit tiff.net/jumpcuts

The winners of the 2017 national TIFF Next Wave Jumps Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase are:

Canada 150 Award Winner
Atlas World | Ontario | dir. Morgana McKenzie
A narrative music video for the song "Atlas World" by Liu Bei, in which a malignant spirit forces a girl into a perilous journey through a watery underworld.

Honourable Mention
Batailles | Quebec | dir. Karen Pinette Fontaine
At nightfall, Karen decides to leave the party when a friend begins to lose herself.

For a full list of all participants, please visit www.tiff.net/jumpcuts


Photo Credit: Matthew Kozovski, TIFF National Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase 2017