Sneak Peek - Tim McGraw Visits OPRAH'S MASTER CLASS This Sundat

Sneak Peek - Tim McGraw Visits OPRAH'S MASTER CLASS This Sundat

The Emmy nominated series "Oprah's Master Class" continues with multiple Grammy Award-winning country star Tim McGraw in an all-new episode premiering Sunday, June 8 at 10:00pm ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and actor, Tim McGraw, currently on a multi-city tour for his new album, "Sundown Heaven Town," gives unprecedented insight into his most valuable life lessons yet. McGraw, who has had eleven consecutive albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard charts, talks candidly about his childhood growing up in a small town in Louisiana and shares personal stories about the family secret that changed his life forever, his path to the top of the charts, and what he's learned as a father of three daughters. Married to superstar Faith Hill almost twenty years, McGraw and his wife together hold the record for the highest grossing tour in country music history. Despite all his success, McGraw remains a down-to-earth Southern boy at heart.

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EXCERPT: Tim McGraw on Moving to Nashville: "I Sold Everything I Had"

TIM: I ended up telling my mom that you know I think I'm just going to drop out of school and move to Nashville and she told me that she was surprised that I hadn't done it sooner and I did. I sold everything I had and I sold water skis and shotguns and just everything that I had and all the money that I had I got on a greyhound bus and got to Nashville at 4 in the morning. Never looked back. I mean that's what I wanted to do; I knew that I wanted to do this no matter what happened. If I was going to be playing in a club and barely making my rent or if I was going to be you know playing in front of 100,000 people, I didn't care. I was going to be playing music.

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EXCERPT: What Tim McGraw Considers a Hit Song

TIM: To say what a hit song is, I couldn't tell you what a hit song was. I couldn't tell you. I mean gosh I've had tons of songs I've had to talk everybody around me into believing was a good song. You know it's just something that, it has to hit me viscerally. You know I have to feel it. And sometimes it's the melody. Sometimes the melody hits me and it doesn't matter what the song says. Sometimes it's the lyric that just tells a beautiful story and doesn't matter how it's rolled out, it's just a beautiful story. And sometimes it's just something that feels good to you and so there's not any sort of formula. Now what's beautiful is when all three of those things come together. Then that's something that as an artist you just think is just magical.