SYTYCD Recap: Was This the Best Audition Show Ever?

Last year's champion Fik-shun, along with some other notable alumni, were on hand in the show's hometown.

Kyle TaylorSYTYCD Recap: Was This the Best Audition Show Ever?
Wichita, KS
Three-Word Review: Dope White Boy
Result: Choreography (Eventually dropped out during choreography)

Nigel invites Fik-shun, Cyrus, and Legacy up on stage to battle Kyle, and while the alums clearly dominated the battle, that was one of the most enjoyable segments in the auditions so far. While I've said that the solos don't excite me as much as the full performances, the one exception is the poppers and animators. I could watch those that do that well for hours on end.

Justine Lutz
Minneapolis, MN
Three-Word Review: Weird, but fascinating
Result: Ticket to Callbacks

Maurizio Vera and Denise Mendonca
Three-Word Review: Ballet lovers, Whatevs?
Result: Tickets to Callbacks

Justin Bieber and his choreographer Nick DeMoura were back to introduce this week's Dance Crews. As a reminder, during the first four audition episodes we will meet two dance crews, then, depending on Twitter votes, one crew from each episode will earn an opportunity to perform on a live show. The crew with the most votes gets a spot on the finale.

In a very underwhelming reveal, we found out that the Syncopated Ladies won last week's battle and will appear on a live show this season.

Academy of Villains
Northern California
Creepy Clown Hip-Hop

Breakdancing on roller skates

Hailee PayneSYTYCD Recap: Was This the Best Audition Show Ever?
Somewhere in Utah
Three-Word Review: Edgy, Feisty, Quirky
Result: Ticket to Callbacks

Sebastian Serra
Orlando, FL
Three-Word Review: Athletic Ballet Boy
Result: Ticket to Callbacks

Dani Platz
Moorpark, CA
Three-Word Review: Elegant, Beautiful, Touching
Result: Choreography (Eventual Yes)

Marie Poppins
North Hollywood, CA
Popping "with a little French smile in it"
Three-Word Review: Pretty Darn Fun
Result: Ticket to Callbacks

Did you think tonight's episode lived up to Nigel's hype? Are still ok with the presence of the Biebs? Which dance crew are you tweeting for? Let me know in the comments below, and on Twitter @BWWMatt.

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