NBC's Dateline Presents THE PEOPLE VS O.J. SIMPSON: What the Jury Never Heard Tonight

NBC's Dateline Presents THE PEOPLE VS O.J. SIMPSON: What the Jury Never Heard Tonight

In a two-hour Primetime special upon the 20th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson case, NBC's Dateline will air "The People vs. O.J. Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard," featuring exclusive interviews with Kris Jenner, Juror Lon Cryer and a key witness who speaks out for the first time. Twenty years later, Dateline provides new insights into a case that both consumed and divided the country. Dateline correspondent Josh Mankiewicz reports.

In an exclusive interview, Kris Jenner takes us inside the relationship between her close friend Nicole Brown Simpson and O.J., sharing the fears she says Nicole expressed to her in the weeks before her death. Juror Lon Cryer explains why, after a trial lasting over eight months, the jury took just four hours to acquit Simpson. Defense attorneys Carl Douglas and Alan Dershowitz, from Simpson's "Dream Team," reveal new details about their defense tactics and strategy. Los Angeles Police Department lead detective Tom Lange shares inside details of the investigation, including his tense phone calls with Simpson from the Bronco during the famous slow-speed chase. Interviews include NBC's Bob Costas, Kato Kaelin and the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Plus, a witness who saw Simpson the night of the murders -- but never testified - speaks out exclusively.

David Corvo is the senior executive producer, Liz Cole is the executive producer and Lester Holt is the primary anchor of "Dateline." Adam Gorfain is the senior broadcast producer, Robert Dean is the producer and Adrienne Wheeler is the booking producer of "The People vs. O.J. Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard. Follow "Dateline NBC" on Facebook and Twitter @datelinenbc.

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