More SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Cast Changes On Their Way

More SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Cast Changes On Their Way

According to Deadline, there are still more cast changes to be made prior to SNL's 40th season. When asked about the show, Lorne Michaels, the creator and longtime executive producer of NBC's late-night sketch show, commented, "We're still in the middle of rebuilding. So there will be changes this year."

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There have been many cast changes recently on SNL; and, according to Michaels, it was one of the most difficult seasons. He told interviewers: "We lost four leading men at the end of last season, Fred and Bill and Andy and Jason, all of whom were very seasoned, very strong cast. We lost Kristin the year before. All have been here a long time, and you get used to how good people are. Losing the fifth leading man in Seth (in early February) was a hard thing, in the middle of a season, because there's only one other time in the 39 years that we ever changed Update in the middle of a season, and that was Norm Macdonald to Colin Quinn. And that was more because a whole other set of reasons, but I think that that made it a much harder thing, in addition to having to focus on launching Jimmy and launching Seth. But SNL, we put a lot of pressure, a lot of new people. It was a hard season."

While not much more is known about the changes, it is clear that Michaels will not put SNL on the backburner. He stated, "SNL takes every inch and every ounce of my talent, for whatever that's worth...I'm always going to come back to SNL."

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