Future of Recycling to Be Featured on LEADING EDGE, Hosted by Jimmy Johnson

July 30
7:41 2014
Future of Recycling to Be Featured on LEADING EDGE, Hosted by Jimmy Johnson

Although recycling and reusing items is not a new concept, the growth of the recycling industry has been phenomenal over the last several years. During the 1960s, only about 6 percent of municipal waste was recycled, but now as much as 1/3 of the trash that is generated in the United States goes through recycling and is reused to create new products or items.

By understanding the way that recycling is improving the environment, it is easier to create strategies to increase the amount of recycling that is done throughout the country. The goal for the future is to eliminate waste so that the majority of items are recycled or broken down into a new form. A greater number of organic materials are being used in clothing items and products that are used on a regular basis so that it is possible to recycle and the amount of waste that is in the landfills will reduce over time.

"Leading Edge" with Jimmy Johnson will explore the future of recycling and the goals that are being set at the state and national level. Although there are still changes that can be made to improve recycling throughout the nation, the positive growth of recycling centers has made it possible to obtain new goals.

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