BWW Exclusive Interview: Comedy Legend TIM CONWAY Talks Retirement Rumors, New TV Pilot & Broadway


BWW Exclusive Interview: Comedy Legend TIM CONWAY Talks Retirement Rumors, New TV Pilot & BroadwayEarlier this week, it was incorrectly reported that legendary comedian and multi-Emmy Award winner Tim Conway would be retiring from show business. An erroneous statement read:

"After completing an exhausting and extensive national book tour promoting his autobiography, "So you Think That's Funny", Tim Conway in consultation with his family, has decided that it's time to retire from performing live in concert on the road."

Today, Tim Conway spoke exclusively with BWW to clear up rumors of his retirement and reaffirm that he is as busy as ever, with upcoming TV guest spots, promotional appearances for his new book, 'What's So Funny', (which just celebrated its 5th week on the NY Times Best Seller list!) and even a new TV pilot co-starring Robert Wagner and Ron Masak. From our wacky and hilarious conversation below, it is evident that the star of stage and screen is sharp, witty and rarin' to go!

It's a thrill to speak with you today Tim.

Isn't it though? It's a thrill for me to speak.

I understand that we need to clear up some misinformation that has gotten out there.

Oh my gosh, okay, what information is that?

Well, we received an announcement that you would be retiring from performing.

Uh, I heard that was going around, yeah. No that was erroneous, or not true. I don't know where it started, but it's not true. Actually, I did retire for about an hour and I got tired of it, so I went shopping and that was pretty much it.

Well, we are certainly thrilled to hear that it is not true.

No, actually I am still performing... in my front yard. People go by in their cars and once in a while they'll even stop and pay attention, but most just applaud a little bit and move on.

Actually, it sounds like you are busier than ever right now. I understand you have some TV appearances BWW Exclusive Interview: Comedy Legend TIM CONWAY Talks Retirement Rumors, New TV Pilot & Broadwaycoming up, another book in the works and a new TV pilot, so we would love to hear about all of those projects.

Yes, well, I'm working on the next book. I wrote the first one and I have three more days off so I'm going to write the next one. And this one is more on the personal end, I don't know how I can get any more personal than I did in the first one, but actually I was thinking of just taking the cover from the first book and putting it out again as something else, but people aren't that fooled anymore, you know? As far as the other projects, yes I'm going to start painting my house, so that's going to take a while. So if you drive by, please blow your horn so I can stop and wave to you.

Will do! And as far as the new TV pilot, I understand the cast includes Robert Wagner and will be called, 'Senior Class.'

Yes, we did a pilot, I say 'we' because I like to include Mr. Wagner, even though he doesn't even know my first name. So I guess they'll probably be putting it in a paper bag and carrying it around to different channels and see what they can do with it.

And what is the premise of it?

I have no idea. But I know Mr. Wagner and would certainly enjoy working with him.

And is it true you have a new one-man stage show in the works?

I do? Okay. I'm going to get on that one right away. Where am I opening?

Well, If it was up to me, I would love to see you open on Broadway.

Really, oh my gosh. I'll call Broadway after this call and see if they want it.

And actually, Billy Crystal's show is only for a limited run, so there will be a theater available soon.

Great! You know, I've never played Broadway, and the main reason is, no one's ever asked me to. I imagine that it's a rather nerve-wracking place to play and at my age and with my... well, my age, I better get to Broadway soon!

Is it something you ever considered doing?

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