ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN Kicks Off Esquire's New 'Movies to Live By' Programming Block

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ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN Kicks Off Esquire's New 'Movies to Live By' Programming Block

In life, men are challenged with all kinds of questions. Every Thursday night, Esquire Network has the answers. Introducing a curated collection of films, containing all of life's knowledge that men seek: MOVIES TO LIVE BY will air every Thursday at 8pm E/P on the Esquire Network, beginning June 5, 2014.

Does the house always win? Not according to Ocean's 11. What's the right amount to tip? Ask Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs. Is justice blind? Nope, but it does have a robotic body in Robocop. Is communication the key to a healthy relationship? Yes, according to the Captain in Cool Hand Luke ("What we've got here is a failure to communicate.") Think the best vacation spots are in tropical climates? Then you need to see Predator.

Kicking off the MOVIES TO LIVE BY block is All the President's Men, on Thursday, June 5 at 8pm E/P. Other movies will include: Dirty Harry, Mad Max, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard (I, II and III!) and, of course, Snakes on a Plane.

Week after week - from the bad-assed to the bizarre, these are the movies every man must see. They're the MOVIES TO LIVE BY.



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