VIDEO: Pearl Jam's Mike McCready Supports ObamaCare in New Video

Legendary Pearl Jam Guitarist Mike McCready is joining forces with filmmaker Jesse Dylan to urge voters to pledge their vote only to congressional candidates that support the Affordable Care Act in an emotional new video. The two speak out in support of the Affordable Care Act specifically because of their personal experiences living with and loving people with pre-existing conditions. Check it out below!

In the video, Mike McCready details his experiences with health insurance companies living with Crohn’s disease. Jesse Dylan was also inspired to take action by his son’s illness. He founded Lybba, at to create compassionate communities of care to redesign healthcare for good. In the video, McCready and Dylan ask voters to pledge their support for candidates that support the Affordable Care Act. Mike McCready started a petition on where people can join him to pledge their vote for candidates that support the Affordable Care Act.


“Before the Affordable Care Act, people with conditions like mine could be denied coverage. I know. I was denied twice, even being a member of a famous rock band,” said Mr. McCready. “The people who don't have those kind of resources, they are stuck, they have no choices. But now, we can’t be denied insurance because of something we can’t change—our illnesses. We have choices, we can be insured, and we can focus on having a life.”

Since the Affordable Care Act has been implemented more than 3.1 million young adults can now remain on their parents' health plans until the age of 26. Pre-existing condition exclusions for children under the age of 19 have been eliminated. Fifty-four million Americans now receive free preventive care. The Affordable Care Act also increased annual limits on policy coverage and removed lifetime limits. Without The Affordable Care Act many people would have been automatically been denied enrollment into insurance policies, regardless of what they are willing to pay, based solely on suffering from a pre-existing condition.
In a joint statement, McCready and Dylan acknowledged the work of the late Jennifer Jaff who, through her organization Advocacy for Patients, fought tirelessly with insurance companies on behalf of chronically ill patients who had been denied payments or coverage. “Our friend Jennifer imagined a day when her services would no longer be needed, when health care for all Americans would be seen as both good business and good values,” said McCready and Dylan. “We urge people who share this vision and these values to watch and share this video, and sign this petition we created as a tribute to Jennifer, and help elect a President this November who shares these values as well.”

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VIDEO: Pearl Jam's Mike McCready Supports ObamaCare in New Video