Kanye West Announces YEEZUS the Movie Based on Latest World Tour!

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A trailer posted on Kanye West's official website has announced that a new film, based on the rapper's latest world tour will be heading to theaters. The project will be directed by Hype Williams, who has shot more than a dozen of his music videos, including All of the Lights,Stronger and Gold Digger.

Yeezus the movie is "coming to theatres" announces the teaser posted to the site. The trailer features clips from West's elaborate stage show, including laser beams, manmade mountains and a colorful bejeweled mask.

While no release date for the film has been unveiled, author Bret Easton Ellis, who is thought to be collaborating on the film's script, recently commented, "I didn't want to at first. Then I listened to Yeezus ... and I thought, regardless of whether I'm right for this project, I want to work with whoever made this."

Yesterday, Radar Online reported that the biopic will be based on "a narrative of Kanye's life". While West is not expected to appear in the feature, his fiancée and mother of his new baby, Kim Kardashian, will have a "pivotal" role, according to an unnamed source. "Her [part] is going to be very dramatic, far from the bubbly happy persona that she's always played."

West himself has previously directed two short films including 2010's Runaway and 2012's Cannes-premiered Cruel Summer.

View the 'YEEZUS' trailer below:


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