GLEE Plays Role In fun.'s Song Of The Year Popularity

FOX's mega-hit musical series GLEE had a hand in popularizing last night's big winner for Song Of The Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards - "We Are Young" by the rock band fun., who also took home the coveted and hotly contested award for Best New Artist.

GLEE music supervisor PJ Bloom spoke to Billboard last year about GLEE's role in bringing more ears to the earworm tune by saying: "I vividly remember John dropping by my office with a just-mastered 'We Are Young' in hand. It was still on its original blank CD-R titled in poorly handwritten red Sharpie." He continued, "GLEE doesn't break bands. We celebrate existing pop success; that's our core model."

GLEE mastermind Ryan Murphy agreed. Bloom said: "Not five minutes later I sent it to Ryan Murphy, and within a few short weeks Ryan created what would become one of [the] pinnacle song moments of the entire series. For fun., GLEE provided a launching pad for much of the success to come. For GLEE, fun. allowed us to show the world we could be an A&R source and break a band. It was music business perfection."

Thankfully, fun.'s "We Are Young" was the exception to that previously existing "We don't break bands" rule at GLEE - perfection, indeed.

Subsequently, the song jumped to the top of the charts in early 2012 and has also been used in a Super Bowl Chevrolet car ad, as well, before last night's two big wins for the band.

Read Billboard's entire article on the matter here.

Check out GLEE's take on "We Are Young" below.

Furthermore, in your opinion, what fun. song should GLEE take on next?

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