Chris Weaver Band Releases New Single 'American Dreamer'

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Chris Weaver Band Releases New Single 'American Dreamer'

"You just got to believe," so says the Chris Weaver Band as they release their latest single, American Dreamer - the title track off their new album. The song, boasting a classic guitar riff and driving beat, is about everyday people working to better their lot in life and reach their dreams.

Weaver knows all about hard work. His band plays a hefty schedule with routine shows in Nashville as well as touring and visiting radio stations around the country. When his captivating voice sings lines like, "You've got to go from the bottom to get to the top/ It's a long way up, long way up/ Ain't that the story, tryin' to find glory," you get the idea he knows exactly what that's like.

American Dreamer was written by Chris Weaver and Matt Rogers and produced by Josh Leo. Weaver's previous independently released single, Raise the Dead, was warmly welcomed in country radio, reaching #41 on the Billboard indicator chart and #21 on the Music Row chart. Since his music crosses multiple genres, he's also seeing notoriety elsewhere including AAA, Americana and Jamband radio formats.

Good music doesn't always fit into just one category, and Weaver's songs exemplify the type of multi-genre appeal that great stars possess.

"I'm amazed and pleased that we're finding an audience for Chris that's so diverse," says his manager, Jeff Catton of InTune Entertainment. "I hear from radio programmers, fans and writers around the country that describe the album as 'it's just great music'. They tend to compare it to someone their more familiar with like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seger."

Praise for Weaver's talent include a recent review from Music News Nashville, "...when he sings about the struggles of various people in the gut-wrenching title cut, he's singing about us all...Weaver will have you so entrenched by his power as a vocalist that you'll think you can get it - whether it be career or love. Trust me when I say they don't come along often. But, Chris Weaver is that something kind of special that you need to hear - NOW."

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