BWW Interviews: GLEE PROJECT Winner Blake Jenner

August 20
10:00 2012


Eleven weeks of intense competition came to an end last week as Oxygen's critically acclaimed competition series THE GLEE PROJECT crowned Blake Jenner of Miami, Florida as the season two winner, awarding him a seven-episode guest-starring role on season four of the hit series GLEE.

Blake's passion has always been in acting, with an added love for singing, although he's surprisingly never had a lesson. The actor chatted about the moment he heard his name called as the season 2 winner and what he will most likely take away from this life-changing experience.  

"I love BroadwayWorld, by the way," begins Jenner, as he speaks about his love of theater and the possibility of one day performing on the Great White Way. "I did plays in high school and middle school, so I love all aspects of acting but I think theatre and film and television, they're all completely different beasts and I think theatre's amazing...If I had an opportunity to be in a play in the future or in a musical, that's even better because musicals are so fun. I definitely see myself dipping my feet in those waters. I'd love to do that."

Jenner confesses that he was thoroughly shocked the moment he heard Ryan Murphy call his name as the season's winner. "I couldn't even think. I couldn't breathe. My mind was racing. I honestly did not think I was going to win," shared the actor. "I thought that I had fought until the end but I honestly thought that the two girls next to me...were going to win. They had stories that you could see when you look at them. Like, just by looking at them you'll see their stories and you'll see how their storylines could play out. Mine, you'd really have to get in depth but I honestly thought they were going to win. 

He continues, "I was getting ready to turn to them and, like, hug them because I thought for sure they were going to win and when he said my name, I couldn't even think because it was just like a dream come true. Like, this is something that I've been working towards since my first acting class when I was really, really young. I just can't explain it. It was better - the best feeling that I've ever had. I mean, when I jumped I think I almost flew out of happiness because I got really, really high. But, it was just amazing and the best moment of my life, honestly." 



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