InFaith Launches New Film Production Company; HIGH COUNTRY Is First Release

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InFaith, the nation's oldest home mission agency, has launched InFaith Pictures, a nonprofit film production company that makes documentary films about Jesus in the United States today.

"Our desire with InFaith Pictures is to be able to reach out, to make Christ followers," says Bret Robertson, who heads up this new ministry from southern California. "We want to do that by telling stories about Jesus, letting people see what Jesus is doing and who He is."

In November InFaith Pictures released its first feature-length film, High Country, which tells the story of Jesus working through Steve and Mary Kreis as they minister to Latin-American shepherds living and working in the mountains of Colorado. This month, InFaith Pictures expects to complete and release #LovePhillyWell, a short film about the state of manhood in the inner city.

"These are stories of God's grace in our time, Evidence that Jesus is alive and real and is working 2,000 years after He ascended," Bret says. "Stories about Jesus are fundamental to who we are. Jesus is the star of the story every single time."

With InFaith Pictures, InFaith is returning to its roots in media. For more than 150 years, the mission (then called the American Sunday School Union) published Scriptural books, hymnals, and tracts forSunday-school teachers to use when teaching children to read. Now, as then, InFaith's media production complements and furthers the goal of the mission: to introduce people to Jesus and help them get to know Him better.

InFaith Pictures also serves as a pilot ministry for the mission's new creative residencies initiative, through which people with creative gifts, skills, and experience who have a calling and a dream for ministry will be nurtured into fruitful Kingdom work.

Visit to watch a video that explains the reason for InFaith Pictures, a short version of High Country, and a trailer for #LovePhillyWell. Also on that site, find out how to purchase the full-length version of High Country, submit a story idea,and support future films with a donation.

InFaith enables called and committed followers of Christ to serve with purpose and Passion within our nation's borders. Its ministries introduce people to Jesus and help them get to know Him better, using methods that vary according to the needs of the people served. InFaith's field staff serves in children's ministry, pastorates, camps, church planting, urban ministries, youth ministry, intercultural ministry, prison ministry, chaplaincies, nursing home ministry, and other specialized ministries, as God has called each one.

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