INSIDIOUS 3 Set for Spring 2015 Release

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INSIDIOUS 3 Set for Spring 2015 Release

The horror thriller INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 is set to open in theaters April 3, 2015, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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INSIDIOUS (2010) and INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 (2013) were major box office successes. Leigh Whannell, who wrote the first two films, will return to pen the third installment, with Focus Features' future CEO Peter Schlessel (FilmDistrict), Jason Blum and Sony Pictures producing.

The most recent installment from famed horror team of director James Wan and writer Whannell featured the original cast of Broadway vet Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, Barbara Hershey and Ty Simpkins.

The terrifying sequel to the original supernatural film followed the haunted Lambert family as they sought to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.

And at the end of INSIDIOUS 2, the creators left the door between worlds wide open for part three.

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