BAD BOYS & SAD GIRLS Among Warner Archive New Releases

BAD BOYS & SAD GIRLS Among Warner Archive New Releases

Warner Archive Collection announces new releases including Bad Boys & Sad Gals!


MAVERICK: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON (1960-61) Roger Moore subs in for the departed James Garner, showing up as the recently overseas (but originally from Texas) Maverick cousin, Beau (named after his uncle,"Pappy"

Beauregard Maverick, one assumes) and adds some sly winks to Maverick's already formidable combination of charm, action, character and dry wit.

Jack Kelly shines as Bart, whether alongside cousin Beau, new Maverick brother Brent (Robert Colbert), Doc Holiday (Peter Breck) or solitaire as the Maverick boys take on seductive witches, town-sized cons, haunted goldmines, doomed forts and the most dangerous assemblage of desperadoes (including John Carradine and Lee Van Cleef) the west has ever seen. And to add a final dollop of wallop to the funtastic fourth season, we are treated to James Garners final appearance as Maverick (for now...) alongside Jack Kelly in "The Maverick Line". Other highlights found in this mammoth sized 32-Episode season include directorial efforts from Rober Altman (³Bolt from the Blue²), ³Hadley¹s Hunters" featuring cameos the all the Warner Bros. West-i-verse (Lawman's John Russell and Peter Brown , Bronco's Ty Hardin, Sugarfoot's Will Hutchins and Cheyenne's Clint

Walker) and guest stars galore like George Kennedy, John Astin, Joanna Barnes,Ray Danton, Buddy Ebsen and Shirley Knight.


FOREIGN AFFAIRS (1993) Teleplay adaptation of Alison Lurie's award-winning novel of parallel overseas Anglo/American affairs. Joanne Woodward and Brian Dennehy play the mismatched middle-aged pair, while Eric Stoltz and Stephanie Beacham play the star-crossed young lovers. Vinnie Miller is a buttoned-down New England pedagogue headed to Oxford for research, while Chuck Mumpson is the voluble hick who can't hear "not interested" until the sparks fly. Meanwhile, Vinnie's young academe associate, Fred, plunges into a fiery affair with their mutual acquaintance, voltile actress Rosemary Radley (Beacham). Chance encounters and other mishaps keep the quartet in apropos chaos until Cupid can sort out the slings and arrows. A charming romance of the ridiculous, with top-notch performances from a pair of pro's pros (who had never before been teamed).

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