'Unification of Electromagnetism and Gravity' by Selwyn Wright is Released

'Unification of Electromagnetism and Gravity' by Selwyn Wright is Released

Leeds, UK

Einstein is regarded as a scientific genius, presented to school-age children as the preeminent scholar of everything scientific. Scientists however, have suspected Einstein's theory of relativity is not quite right, for over a century. It now appears that a physicist has finally showed that Einstein's ether-less aspect of relativity is in error.

In his new book "Unification of Electromagnetism and Gravity", retired physicist, Selwyn Wright, challenges Einstein's theory of relativity. It appears to have two inherent deficiencies preventing it from becoming a unified theory.

Firstly, the theory does not accept that the propagation medium (ether) is the common thread that runs through these theories, and secondly does not realize that light and gravity are two forms of the same electric field, requiring a medium to propagate their disturbances and make their wave equations causal (predictable).

The new theory predicts the same measured properties as Einstein relativity but based on a medium, rejects Einstein's ether-less predictions which cannot be measured, and predicts additional measured properties that Einstein's relativity cannot do.

"I spent considerable time in my career developing acoustic wave theory and realized Einstein's claim that electro-magnetic waves did not need a propagation medium to transmit light is non-causal," Dr Wright said. "I promised myself to investigate this upon retirement."

Professor Wright's theory updates aspects of Einstein's relativity in a rigorous manner, and yet is described in a simple physical way so that the average person can understand.

It has re-established a preferred frame of reference, reuniting classical and modern physics. The re-established medium bridges the Lorentz transform, accelerating frames and gravity, providing a basis for the unification of electromagnetism and gravity. The book is a fascinating roller coaster ride in scientific history development.

To learn more about Wright, visit his website.
"Unification of Electromagnetism and Gravity"
By: Selwyn Wright
ISBN: 978-1-46698-042-6
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Trafford online bookstores.

About the author
As a retired Stanford and NASA physicist, Selwyn Wright has worked in physics, electronics, and acoustics. He developed noise detection and reduction systems, published over 100 Archive Publications, and holds six patents. Aside from devoting his retirement to research, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 55 years, children, and grandchildren.

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