RosettaBooks Offers New Titles in Crimescape Series

RosettaBooks Offers New Titles in Crimescape Series

RosettaBooks' Crimescape series introduces two new titles as the entire series moves exclusively to Kindle. The Sex Beast by Dr. Katherine Ramsland and Fatal Trust by Kevin F. McMurray are true crime short eBooks sure to fascinate readers with frightening detail, complete with photographs.

"RosettaBooks is happy to partner with Kindle once again to bring readers the entire gripping Crimescape series," said Arthur Klebanoff, CEO of RosettaBooks.

In The Sex Beast, Dr. Ramsland, bestselling author of Psychopath and professor of forensic psychology and criminal justice at Pennsylvania's DeSales University, uses her insight and expertise to paint a revealing portrait of a very unusual serial killer.

A man and his baby girl are murdered, but his wife and young daughter are missing for two years. They were the real prize for this shocking serial killer, who then subjected them to outrageous sexual violation before beating them to death.

McMurray, an investigative reporter and author of six other nonfiction books, details the twists and turns of the unexpected disappearance of a 12-year-old girl in Fatal Trust. Some suspect the sociable girl simply ran away, while others cannot believe the simple explanation.

"The two latest titles of the Crimescape series continue its legacy of fascinating narration of the most provocative crimes that have been reported," said Marilyn Bardsley, editor of the Crimescape series.