Richard Baldwin Discovers the Truth 'In the Mists of Time'

Richard Baldwin practiced medicine for many decades, but it was not only his years of schooling that taught him the mysteries of humans and earth. Many years living on the east coast showed him many types of people and miles of magnificent landscapes.

In Baldwin's novel, "In the Mists of Time," characters and readers alike are transported back to an earlier-but hardly simpler-time. Through the story of Hawkins Shortreed, a promising young painter, readers will discover the secrets of the old Gibbs place, located in Maine.

Baldwin hopes readers take their experience reading scenes set in beautiful east coast landscapes to heart, and that his passion for the conservation of nature will be an inspiration to them.

"In the Mists of Time"
By Richard Baldwin
ISBN 978-1-4535-6657-2
Available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and XLibris.

About the author
Richard Baldwin is a retired physician who resides in Pennsylvania. After many years living on the east coast, Baldwin felt the yearning to share its beautiful landscapes and rich history with the rest of the world.

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