Paul D. Barchitta Releases New Book on Sales Success

Paul D. Barchitta Releases New Book on Sales Success


Author Paul D. Barchitta offers readers a step-by-step guide to having a successful sales career in his helpful new business guide, "A Salesman Walks into a Classroom: The Art of Sales Meets the Science of Selling" (published by iUniverse).

Written in plain, accessible language designed to reach a wide variety of sales professionals, from entry level employees to senior salespeople, motivational speakers and sales consultants, "A Salesman Walks into a Classroom" provides an overview of what the life of a salesperson is all about. It offers specific details and recommendations about time management, including how to prioritize sales calls, where a career in sales can lead and how to prepare for the job market.

The book also addresses compensation and commission plans and underscores the value of sales training and development, stressing the significance of ethical behavior. Barchitta outlines a model of the steps in the selling process and discusses the evolution from short-term transaction selling to long-term relationship selling.

"I have developed a blueprint, or road map for sales success, that is detailed in the following pages and chapters," Barchitta writes. "It can assist you in your quest to surpass your quota and achieve the financial goals that you seek in a career in sales."