New Book 'Devoted to Realism' is Released

July 11
7:10 2014
New Book 'Devoted to Realism' is Released

Closter, NJ

The Realist painting style is considered a form of high art that requires years of practice, disciple and talent to master. It flourished in the 19th century and many of its proponents achieved the heights of popularity and acclaim in their time. One such example is Gustave Courbet who was the leading proponent of his era. The painting style has survived into the 21st century and yet its popularity has somewhat waned in the recent years. This is why in "Devoted to Realism" author Helga Olsson has endeavored to show art lovers that the Realist style is still a relevant artistic style and should flourish in the 21st century.

This book is a compilation of the author's experiences in the Realist style of painting. It shows her disdain for the popular painting styles being used today. This is because she considers the styles as lacking in discipline and form and considers the techniques used as little more than slash and dash and sloppy painting. She also states that the painting styles have deteriorated and cannot be considered the equal of the great masters of the past.

This book shows the true merits of Realism and why it should flourish in the 21st century. It shows Realism's versatility and the artistic vision, discipline and high level of skill necessary to succeed in such a painting style.


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