'Nathaniel Myer' by Margaret Sisu Is Released

'Nathaniel Myer' by Margaret Sisu Is Released


When Nate loses his family, home and career after a horrific home invasion, he becomes withdrawn, homeless and focused solely on vengeance. Hunting the killers, he finds himself reluctant guardian to a motley band of homeless misfits who repeatedly distract from his vendetta. When Nate finally closes in on his prey, vengeance is no longer straightforward, but his rag-tag wards provide the very keys he needs to bring down a budding criminal organization more dangerous than the city realizes.

Hours after Nathaniel brushes off a fleeting encounter with a souped up Mercury Marquis, he falls asleep in his wife's arms and awakes to unimaginable horror. He battles back through frailty, grief, guilt and ultimately rage when time after time, the four tattooed killers slip through the fingers of conventional law enforcement. Finding the men becomes Nate's sole reason for being until his obsession destroys what little he has left. On the street, owning nothing but the clothes on his back and a crumpled wad of papers he got off a crooked PI, still Nate cares for little beyond his goal.

Fate, however, crosses his path with a cantankerous old army veteran with mysterious blackouts, an emotionally disturbed kid, a feisty mother and child hiding out from their case worker, and the man Nate used to be cannot do other than help them all. But staying sharp and playing reluctant hero lands him squarely in reach of the very animal he is hunting. Then abruptly, his life takes another blinding turn and the justice he has sought so long is on the line. Can he risk letting a habitual killer smile and slip away again? Or must he be the ultimate bait and sacrifice?

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