Marjane Satrapi Recounts 'A Woman From Syria' in New Book

July 29
6:35 2014
Marjane Satrapi Recounts 'A Woman From Syria' in New Book

TORONTO - Shades of Marjane Satrapi's acclaimed graphic novel, "Persepolis," pseudonymous author Lady X gives readers a deeply personal glimpse of everyday life in another Middle Eastern hotspot. Her book, "A Woman From Syria" (published by Xlibris), is a earnest reminiscence of her homeland and an exploration of its unique and diverse culture and society.

With her narrative, the author recounts her experiences, both the good and bad events that occurred to her. She portrays her lifestyle, based on "Syrian traditions and real Muslim religion far from the recent jihadi Muslims" which the author says is "far from the real Islam." Her own family members serve as the supporting cast of characters as she remembers how they steered and affected her whole life, particularly her close friends who opened her eyes to the reality of living.

"Syria now is the hottest spot of media news," says the author as she explains the purpose of her work. "Many persons have no idea about it except what they hear or read in the news, which politics play the main role in it; for that I present it to all readers to know the real point of view religiously and politically."


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