“Love Living Longer” Nationwide Book and Lecture Tour Set for Summer 2013

“Love Living Longer” Nationwide Book and Lecture Tour Set for Summer 2013

Like many women, Mary Boone Wellington and Tracey Bowman , authors of the new book-"Hope I Don't Die Before I Get Old" have spent collective decades caring for their aging parents, friends and their children. By interviewing experts and people from all walks of life who have achieved a healthy, happy old age, they have determined a few universal principles that make for an active and satisfying retirement.

This summer, the authors will set off on a nationwide tour to spread the word about laying good foundations for the future. The "Love Living Longer" tour will stop in 37 cities and include book signings, talks, seminars and workshops. Topics include:

  • Coffee, Chocolate and Wine-Healthy Indulgence for Longer Lives
  • Build a Sharper Brain-Middle Age Muddle Explained and Remedied
  • Five Common Care-giving Dilemmas and How to Solve Them
  • Money and Chocolate+Five Other Essentials for a Long & Happy Life

In talks about planning for the future Wellington and Bowman reveal some surprising facts. Thirty-six percent of all working people save nothing for their retirement. Forty percent of Baby Boomers plan to work "until they drop" and refuse to consider what will happen if their cash runs out before their life is over. One in four people over 65 have saved only $25,000 towards their retirement.

Their years in the trenches of care-giving left them determined to make the path a little easier for those who followed and to create a plan for their own old age that included a good hard look at financial reality. They discovered that it is not that difficult or terribly expensive to make sound financial decisions now that will ensure a happy old age. "Hope I Don't Die Before I Get Old", their new book on successful aging, covers some options and ideas, giving hope to perpetual procrastinators.

"Anyone can begin today to lay a foundation of financial abundance, even if they are unemployed, down on their luck, in debt or spending every nickel they make on their current lifestyle," says Mary Boone Wellington. "The secret is to have a plan-denial is not a plan. Lifespans are increasing and one in two of us will be needing extra help as we live into extreme old age." "Hope I Don't Die Before I Get Old" details how to begin to plan for a longer life. One new product worth looking into is the newly revamped "Long Term Care Annuity." This policy is a hybrid of Whole Life Insurance and a Long Term Care policy. Some advantages are: