Local Physician 'DJ Ass Maggots' Releases 'Poseidon's Tunnel'

Local Physician 'DJ Ass Maggots' Releases 'Poseidon's Tunnel'

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif., July 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ DJ Ass Maggots, a pseudonym for a physician practicing internal medicine with an emphasis on geriatric care, announced today the release of his second book, "Poseidon's Tunnel," to audiences worldwide. The book features characters introduced in Ass Maggots' debut, trailblazing book "Quickies!,"published in 2013. "Poseidon's Tunnel" continues the often cryptic flash fiction of "Quickies!," reflecting the author's dysfunctional personal relationships and our dystopian, attention-deficit society.

"Poseidon's Tunnel is a grotesque and twisted chronology that reveals much about the perverted world I live in. The book is a frenetic and vivid romana clef an inbred, high-minded and unrefined, rough around the edges piece of prose." When asked to comment on his writing style, Ass Maggots said, "Those familiar with the first book will recognize the authentic whiff of life between the covers."

"Poseidon's Tunnel" blends a raucous assortment of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll fiction loosely revolving around the annual Burning Man festival. There is also hippie thug posturing, showcased by translations of rap battles into nerdspeak and a mockingly absurdist celebration of Ass Maggots' lifestyle of decadence.

Ass Maggots' college classmate and now attorney, Eli Kitt, describes the books as "a tour de force, incorporating drug-fueled escapades told through a pseudo-fictional background beat, coursing through the veins of this inspirational figure living the anti-American dream. He is a doctor who took too much acid, managed to keep his money, somehow avoided rehab, and was bored enough to write a book."

"This suspenseful second book is going to produce a zombie army of sleep-deprived readers," said one of the author's medical colleagues. "Ass Maggots' astonishing talent and popularity are bar none. We've long wished we could clone him!"

"Poseidon's Tunnel"has also garnered additional praise in Kirkus Reviews. When asked to comment on the review and literary praise, Ass Maggots said, "Like the STD in my blood stream, take a risk and let this message go viral."

"Poseidon's Tunnel" is Ass Maggots' first book to offer Quick Response Code (QR Code), a matrix barcodethat expands the reading experience by sending readers directly to music clips that Ass Maggots curated. The QR codes keep the book up-to-the-minute and offer an interactive element to the viewing experience. The book includes more than 16 secret messages.