Linda Stiles Fox Releases Romance Novel 'Forever Again'

Linda Stiles Fox Releases Romance Novel 'Forever Again'

Linda Stiles Fox is very excited about the upcoming release of her latest romance novel "Forever Again." The preliminary release will be through Kindle Digital Publishing and available at

Here is a quick synopsis of "Forever Again."

Madison Reeves is eighteen, engaged and pregnant. Her fiance, Brody Mason, has a great job offer that he thinks will help them reach their future faster. He leaves one night to make the connection with the new businessmen and never returns. Twenty years later, Madison receives an all expense paid two week vacation in the beautiful Hawaiian islands, but she doesn't know who sent it. Her son, Cody, convinces her to go. Sam Wallace is waiting for her at the gate when she arrives and seems to show up everywhere she goes. When her son arrives the day before his birthday after receiving the same anonymous vacation gift, Madison starts to worry. The very wealthy and handsome Sam not only wins her heart, but her son's as well and, just when Madison decides to relocate to the paradise she now loves, Sam breaks some shocking news. Twenty years ago, Madison promised Brody she would love him forever. Can she now find new love and make it last forever again?

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