Lawrence Walsh Reviews 170 Years of Travel in New Book

August 1
7:03 2014
Lawrence Walsh Reviews 170 Years of Travel in New Book

Mechanicsburg, PA

In the new book, "The Battle for Transportation Supremacy: How the Titans of Transportation Positioned Their Companies over the Past 170 Years in the Boston to New York Corridor" (published by iUniverse) author Lawrence Walsh studies the history of eastern seaboard transportation and submits his research of and arguments for the potential success of railway transportation as the preferred choice for passenger travel.

Walsh's book focuses on the popularity of various methods of passenger transportation over the 450-mile-long Northeast Corridor, which includes the 230 miles from Boston to New York and the 225 miles between New York and D.C. He examines the struggles of transportation companies during the past 170 years as they aimed to lead the industry and considers how transportation industry leadership is tough to attain and tougher still to hold onto.

"The Battle for Transportation Supremacy" discusses the current domination of the passenger rail from New York City to Washington, and the domination of commercial airlines and buses for the Boston to New York City half of the Northeast Corridor. Walsh details the history of this domination, which originally belonged supreme to the railway and how rail travel surged back as a contender in recent years in light of faster electrified trains and more frequent schedules.


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