Josephine Cannizzaro Pens MY MAN OF WORDS DIVINE

Josephine Cannizzaro Pens MY MAN OF WORDS DIVINE

SYDNEY, Australia

Who is she? What has she done? How will she act normal in front of her family? A flash of intense guilt crosses Arabella's mind at betraying her husband this way, but it is fleeting. She vows never to feel guilty; he will never know, never find out, not ever.

"My Man of Words Divine" (published by Xlibris AU), written by author Josephine Cannizzaro, tells the story of Arabella, wife and mother, lover and adulteress. Maurizio entered her life when she was surrounded by darkness, when she felt her life had no real meaning and she was at a crossroad, not knowing which path to take. She fell in love with Maurizio so deeply and completely that her whole life changed with the words he would write to her during their private online conversations.

Arabella had never met Maurizio, nor had she ever seen his face and yet, he draws her into his world like no other had ever done before. She craves him like a drug, never being able to get enough of his beautiful words, where each one would slowly heal her troubled heart and before long, lead them both into a world of secrecy and desire so profound, it was like the outside world did not exist.

An erotic story of forbidden love, "My Man of Words Divine" will ignite the readers' sensual desires and will teach them not to judge nor condemn, but to try and understand why one chooses to be unfaithful and is it justified when two fall in love so completely.