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While Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis have presented Abraham Lincoln in the film Lincoln, and Quentin Tarrantino and Jamie Foxx brings us Djamgo Unchained, actor/author James McEachin (who once wrote a screenplay with Spielberg) offers a uniquely different story of emancipation in his powerful novel Tell Me a Tale; a novel of the Old South.

Originally published in 1995, the audio version and ebook formats are set to be released on February 2, 2013. Tell Me a Tale delves into the many issues of slavery and the illegitimate child of a slave-holder, Arhchibald McBride. The setting is in rural North Carolina and takes place when Archibald "frees" his slaves and suffers the far-reaching consequences. This is a story so filled with relevance and intrigue that a young college student at the University of Wisconsin used it (along with Uncle Tom's Cabin) as a basis for her Master's Thesis.

Charles Champlin, Editor Emeritus, of the LA Times opined: "Charming, compelling, provocative. A visual story. One can almost see it on the screen."

And wrote Kliatt Reviews: "A moving drama that would translate onto the Hollywood screen easily. The dialect rolls off the character's tongues and the reader gets into the flow of the slow cadence. It is a perfect story for students who are studying Southern history, and will give better understanding of the white man's view of the times. Recommended for senior high school students, advanced students, and adults."

Tell Me a Tale; a novel of the Old South (audio). The only thing better than reading it, is hearing McEachin deliver it. Spielberg's Lincoln presents the story of a president and slavery. McEachin's Tell Me a Tale offers the story of a people and slavery--just in time for Black History Month.

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