James A. Gauthier Announces Second in Inside Out Trilogy

James A. Gauthier Announces Second in Inside Out Trilogy

KENT, Wash.

Whispers of war escalate into shouts as a corrupt government abolishes the U.S. Constitution in James A. Gauthier's new political novel, "Inside Out: Rise of the Monarchy" (published by Trafford Publishing), the second in the Inside Out trilogy which has been selected for inclusion in the Gold Seal program, recognizing excellence in writing and overall potential.

"Inside Out: Rise of the Monarchy" finds the United States at the hands of a corrupt president and congress. Determined to thwart all attempts at transparency and accountability to the Constitution, the president and Congress abolish the Constitution and establish a feudal system.

As their country falls apart, two headmasters, Jeff and Ann of Castleway Academy, lead a revolution against a president who demands to be called king. A second revolutionary war begins to banish the self-crowned king and reestablish the Constitution for its people, with freedom and justice for all.

Gauthier weaves his own political views and experiences as a licensed attorney throughout the storyline and warns against the dangers of the eroding personal freedoms he sees. He hopes to instill readers with a sense of pride in their Country.

"As citizens, readers have the power to make change, including the power to overthrow the government and establish a new government that will represent the people," Gauthier writes. "My books have an interesting and challenging storyline that takes difficult issues and places them through the story squarely in the face of the reader."