J. L. Smith Releases 'The Ylimaf and The Sacred Key'

J. L. Smith Releases 'The Ylimaf and The Sacred Key'

In "The Ylimaf and The Sacred Key" (published by AuthorHouse), author J. L. Smith's new fantasy novel, readers follow three teenagers and one fairy as they journey to find the sacred key.

On the island of Noitacav, the Ylimaf live under a force field for protection from an evil sorcerer. When twins Relyt and Nivram, along with princess Nnylyks, learn of a possible infiltration scheme, they set out on a quest to obtain the Sacred Key - the only thing that can save them. Along the way, the trio runs into fairies, a talking rock caterpillar, a stunning Annekam, a massive Ydal Gubs, as well as many others who help them on their quest. But, they also run into those that wish them harm, such as horrendous trolls, giant orcs and a wicked, foul sprite.

An excerpt from "The Ylimaf and The Sacred Key":

"Nahte's eyes open very wide, and he starts to stutter. 'You must never say that out here again,' he says. 'They must not know you are here. You must go home now. I am very pleased to meet you. I do not know how you got here, but please leave now and go back home.' 'I don't understand,' Nnylyks says. 'Why?' 'Ynot checks in with us every now and then to see if we have heard or seen anything,' explains Nahte. 'Yesterday there were two trolls here. They were talking about a sacred key that removes the force field so they can kidnap the queen.' 'You should be very, very careful,' says Nalyd in a childlike voice. 'Or they are going to get you ...'"

Smith invites readers to journey with the group as they venture through an island fraught with danger. "Join their adventure as I surprise you with twists and turns throughout every chapter," says Smith. "Can the group of merry adventures really outwit the evil Semaj or are they doomed to fail?"

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