GraphicAudio Releases CAPTAIN'S RANGERS by Elmer Kelton


GraphicAudio Releases CAPTAIN'S RANGERS by Elmer Kelton

In 1875, nearly forty years after the Mexican War, Mexicans and Texans are still spilling blood over ownership of the Nueces Strip--a hot, dry stretch of coastal prairie that bushwackers and horse thieves have turned into a lawless hell.

Captain L.H. McNelly, a complex and determined Confederate veteran, is brought into the Nueces Strip for one purpose: to keep the peace. His measures are harsh and controversial--but McNelly wasn't sent in to be popular. In this boilerpot of killing and racial hatred, can any man bring lasting peace?

Written by Elmer Kelton
Approximate Running Time: 5 Hours
Number of CDs: 5
Content Rating: Ages 13+
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About Elmer Kelton

Author of over 40 novels, and published over more than 50 years. Three of Kelton's novels have appeared in Reader's Digest Condensed Books. Four books have won the Western Heritage Award from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City: THE TIME IT NEVER RAINED, THE GOOD OLD BOYS, THE MAN WHO RODE MIDNIGHT, and the text for THE ART OF HOWARD TERPNING. Seven have won the Spur award from Western Writers of America: BUFFALO WAGONS, THE DAY THE COWBOYS QUIT, THE TIME IT NEVER RAINED, EYES OF THE HAWK, SLAUGHTER, THE FAR CANYON and THE WAY OF THE COYOTE.

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