Gayle Suzanne Shows How to Overcome Low Self Esteem in 'It's In The Little Things'

Certified Professional Coach, workshop leader and speaker, Gayle Suzanne, shows abused women how to shift their energy and improve their lives in her new book "It's In The Little Things."

"Do you have a voice deep down inside that you are not good enough? Do you believe a happy life is meant for others but not for you? Are you ready to shift energy and improve your life? Then this new self-help book for hurt and rejected women is the perfect Christmas gift to start enjoying a new life," said Suzanne, who coaches women who have been divorced or abused.

"The first part of my life was filled with challenges: emotional abuse, bullying, low self-esteem, sexual abuse and countless rejections," says Suzanne who is known as the "Hope Coach for the Damaged Soul." "I had this nagging feeling that I was damaged and that something was wrong with me. I dreamed of a wonderful life where I felt happy but became resolved in thinking that a satisfying life was meant for others but not for me. Today I have a wonderful life. It is not without its problems, but I have learned to look at life through a different lens."

This book is about loving God, loving yourself and loving others.

"Through the little things you can find the fulfillment you desire," said Suzanne who presents empowerment workshops for women throughout New England.

"Obstacles can bring us down but after we dust off and pick ourselves up, those obstacles can be valuable lessons in disguise," she said. "Through commitment and action, people can turn their lives around for the better."

With nearly 50 humorous or emotional stories from her personal experiences, she shares ideas and lessons that have had the most transforming impact on her life. Most stories have messages of how to appreciate seemingly insignificant events and how to take minor steps to improve your own circumstances.

"If you commit to take action and look at things differently, you will see yourself and those around you change," she said.

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