TotalRecall Publications Inc. announced today the publication of debut novel 'Grown Men Don't Cry' by B.W. DeCaro, which compellingly portrays life with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder through two reuniting childhood buddies. One is a Marine returning from his third tour of duty in Iraq with a bad case of PTSD and the other, now a father, never left their small town and has OCD and a family history of mental illness that threatens to overwhelm him. Circumstances bring the two men back together again in a way that could help them both find some peace.

The novel recounts their hilarious, youthful escapades and their separate paths until events bring them together again. As their renewed friendship grows, they begin to share their own hidden anxieties about their mental illnesses and the effects on family and other relationships. Their stories clear up misunderstandings about the two related disorders of PTSD and OCD as the friends deal with their own misconceptions.

A portion of all book proceeds will be donated to causes supporting people who suffer from depression and other anxiety disorders, such as OCD and PTSD. In addition, DeCaro plans to use this platform to help educate the general public by striving to eliminate the negative stigma associated with mental illness.

'Grown Men Don't Cry' is a coming of age story that will resonate with readers growing up during the 80s and 90s. As the popular jocks in the one-stoplight town of Bristol, New Hampshire, Ben Chase and Jimmy Keller are best friends whose unique creativity and bold personalities make for some hilarious-and heart-wrenching-stories. Laughter doesn't make up for pain inflicted by their dysfunctional families, but it certainly creates some unforgettable memories.

Growing up, Ben has viewed his OCD as nothing more than a nuisance. Then all hell breaks loose the day that he becomes a father and realizes there is a lot in the world that he can't control. Meanwhile, Jimmy is battling his own demons. Since his return from his third tour of duty in Iraq, he has suffered from a severe case of PTSD. Declaring he's had enough, Jimmy makes the conscious choice to end his life.

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