First Real Life YA Action Novel is Released

First Real Life YA Action Novel is Released

Salt Lake City, UT

School is out for teens nationwide, but that's not stopping popular YA Author Rebecca Ethington from lighting the fire of teen readers everywhere with the upcoming release of her latest novel Of River and Raynn - The Catalyst which will be released August 9, 2014. And she's getting at teens right where they are: social media.

For the past two months, Rebecca Ethington has expanded the world of her August book release Of River and Raynn to the web where readers can visit the book's main characters River and Raynn at their personal social media sites, friend them on Facebook, read their journals, watch live action videos and participate in their lives before they even open the first page of Rebecca Ethington's book.

Rebecca will continue with River and Raynn's journal entries and video blogs until the book release and then continue afterwards to move parallel with the story. This type of book marketing campaign has never been done before.

"I always hear about how my readers feel engulfed in my novels. I wanted to bring that to life in another way. I wanted to surround them by words, and characters, and experiences that would bring the novel's world to life," said Rebecca Ethington.

Rebecca Ethington drew inspiration for this reader interactive experience by combining her years in theatre with her talent for writing. Teens can watch as reality blends with fiction and as fiction becomes reality and they will begin to wonder what world they are in.

The world of River and Raynn is free, online and in real time. Check out

If you would like to speak with author Rebecca Ethington about this groundbreaking effort to inspire teen readers, please contact me and I will coordinate any requests.

Readers Can Follow the Story Online
The story of River and Raynn is a work of fiction. It is told through the creative genius of Author Rebecca Ethington and the associated cast and crew.

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To Follow Raynn Smith: I am just a girl with no past but dreams. The only question now is what is real, and what is not.
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