Financial Model Expert, Jack Avon, Releases 'The Handbook of Financial Modeling'

Financial Model Expert, Jack Avon, Releases 'The Handbook of Financial Modeling'

Many business professionals in corporate finance are familiar with financial statements and accounting reports, but few are experienced in the invaluable skill of financial modeling. This is where Apress author, Jack Avon, comes in. Avon used his years of industry knowledge to create, "The Handbook of Financial Modeling." The book is an extensive reference guide designed to equip financial employees with tools to help them become proficient at building accurate and effective financial models from the ground up. The handbook is written in a clear, concise manner and filled with screenshots that will facilitate understanding of the financial modeling process.

Readers of "The Handbook of Financial Modeling," will initially gain insight of the history and evolution of financial modeling. From there, they'll be trained on the technical accounting and financial concepts that are the foundation of financial modeling. Professionals will learn how to design and implement a projection model, principles around calculations, and best practices. Users will learn how to model in Microsoft Excel, including how to set up an Excel environment, how to format worksheets and the correct application of modeling formulae. Tips to become distinguishable from competitors are also provided.

"The Handbook of Financial Modeling," is a one-stop resource for anyone who needs to build or analyze financial models and/or intermediate and advanced modelers who wish to expand and enhance their modeling proficiency.

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