Engineer and Author John P. Choisser Releases Book on Malaysia Flight MH370

June 11
7:11 2014
Engineer and Author John P. Choisser Releases Book on Malaysia Flight MH370

San Diego, California

Engineer and Author John P. Choisser has just released his analysis of the events leading to the disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370. His eBook, available on Amazon, concludes that an analysis of the flight systems on the Boeing 777, its history, and the known evidence from the flight makes it unlikely that the pilots were suicidal or terrorists.

The eBook, available to anyone who downloads the free Kindle reader to their computer or smartphone, has already received 15 five-star reviews, and reached Amazon Best-Seller status in its category. Although some of the book is highly technical, the casual reader can skip over those sections to reach the conclusions.

The book answers many common questions in addition to some complicated ones that most people don't even know to ask. But the evidence that is known rules out several commonly-discussed possibilities, and points to the most likely possibilities. Like a detective solving a crime, Choisser analyzes the evidence and draws the convincing conclusion that the pilots were not to blame, but most likely died of smoke inhalation in a heroic effort trying to get the airplane home.

For additional information you may contact the author through his website, or by telephone at 858-414-1007. The book is available at Amazon for $2.99.


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