Dunham Books to Release MOON BOUND GIRL

MOON BOUND GIRL is the inspirational tale of a little girl named Melody who discovers she has the power to make big dreams come true. Based on the whimsical artwork of Leigh Ann Agee, Melody will inspire you to chase your dreams all the way to the stars and be a Moon Bound Girl, too!

A brilliant story and inspirational visual journey sure to incite children and adults the world over to reach for the stars, because even if they miss, they'll land on the moon.

Leigh Ann Agee is an accomplished illustrator who was born and raised in Bristol, Tennessee. She has been obsessed with drawing and sketching her whole life and her custom art includes high-end mural work. Leigh Ann currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dave Dunseath was born in Summit, NJ and graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 1982 with a B.B.A. in Marketing. Since that time, he hasn't used his degree one single day of his professional life. Dave is currently a session drummer in Nashville. His goals may be limited, but at least they're reachable. He is the author of AIM LOW: Quit Often, Expect the Worst, and Other Good Advice.

MOON BOUND GIRL will be released December 3, 2013 through Dunham Books in hardcover (ISBN 9781939447500; $19.99). All Dunham Books are distributed to the trade through Midpoint Trade Books.

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