Don W. Laney Releases 'Forever Arabian'

September 6
6:31 2013

Don W. Laney Releases 'Forever Arabian'

Don W. Laney, a well-recognized short story writer and author of two published books -"Charley's Boys: St. Bernard College in the Sixties" and "The Laney Saga: A Suggested History of Titus and Hannah Laney" - publishes yet another insightful book about his life and times. "Forever Arabian" is an entertaining and educational autobiographical work that traces the author's life as a little boy who was the worst athlete in his elementary school and a below average student, until he matured into the high school homecoming king with a college basketball scholarship.

Set in Arab, Ala., located in north, central Alabama, Laney's real life story in this volume covers the years 1956 through 1966, giving insight into each of those years. He discusses local, state, national and even international events that affected him and his fellow students. It is an insightful look at the way things used to be, depicting what life was like growing up in the south during the '50s and '60s.

Aside from himself, Laney's family and a number of close friends are the other main characters - especially a select number of fellow students who he grew up with. There are stories about numerous other individuals as well. Some of the main recurring characters are his mother, father and brother (Paul, Phyllis and Phillip Laney), Jimmy Tinley, Max Henry, Linda Edwards, Glenn Spann and Johnny Garrard.

"Forever Arabian" is a look back at a simpler lifestyle and its values and events that affected an entire generation. It depicts numerous stories of humor and mischievousness by young boys and girls enjoying the exuberance of their youth. Directing attention to a small town, its citizenry and the everyday events that influenced it, the book offers readers an insightful look at life without many of today's modern conveniences.


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