Diane M. Cece Releases WHISPERING RIDGE

September 4
6:11 2014
Diane M. Cece Releases WHISPERING RIDGE

Author Diane M. Cece comes back with another riveting sequel to her classic Wild West series. "Whispering Ridge"(published by Xlibris), the fourth book of her bestselling Southwest series is officially released, promising more fire-up surprises for the west frontier readers.

In the southwest corner of Arizona, Nevada Kid and his sidekick, Smokey Embers, decide to go on a hunting trip in the mountains. When they reach the mountain home of their friend Cappie, a fur trader, he is not home. Their hunting trip soon turns into a search-and-rescue mission set in the tricky passes of the Yuma Mountains. Along the way, they are confronted by a raucous set of rowdy characters - Mexican outlaws, beautiful senoritas and an Indian boy - hurling them into an unexpected adventure against the scorching backdrop of the wild southwest ridges. Will there be any hunting on this trip? Many lucks and good fortunes later, they are set free to head home, only to return to a custody battle for the guardianship of Thomas Trainor, Nevada's son.

Comedy and adventure collide in another epic Diane M. Cece masterwork. Her ragged Wild West emblem is suffused with generous references to the beauty of the region, an animate depiction of its lifestyle and diversity and hilarious dialogues that enliven her prose. Rooting inspiration from her extensive knowledge and love for the west, Cece hopes to inculcate appreciation for the unique American frontiers in the region.


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