DON'T STOP THE ROLLER COASTER by Tom DePetrillo Is Available Now


DON'T STOP THE ROLLER COASTER  by Tom DePetrillo Is Available Now

Brigantine Media announces the release of Don't Stop the Roller Coaster: Business and Life Lessons by Tom DePetrillo. Don't Stop the Roller Coaster (ISBN: 978-0-9384063-0-0, hardcover, 136 pages, $19.95) available nationwide January 20, 2014.

Don't Stop the Roller Coaster is a fascinating memoir/idea book about the ups and downs of one man's business career and the lessons he learned along the way. Tom DePetrillo started with nothing, made a fortune, lost it, went personally bankrupt-and the next day, he started a new career. His life has been a roller-coaster ride, and now that he's at the top, he has never forgotten where he started and what a difference a little help can make when someone needs it.

Tom has seen both sides of the economic divide in this country. When he was young he was one of eleven children, and he dropped out of school to help his family make ends meet. Today, after a career in investment banking, he runs several highly successful companies and is an active contributor to Rhode Island and national progressive politicians, as well as numerous charities.

Don't Stop the Roller Coaster focuses on the lessons Tom has learned throughout his business career. He offers surprising and valuable insights into a variety of topics, such as bankruptcy, the "real" cost of prescription drugs, and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Tom DePetrillo has been in the venture capital and investment banking business for 35 years, responsible for more than 80 initial public offerings and numerous public placements. Since 1994, DePetrillo has been a private investor and the principal of Providence Capital Group, a venture capital turnaround firm. He is the principal shareholder of EIS Wire and Cable, Cable Assembly LLC, and DePetrillo Real Estate Holdings. DePetrillo lives in Warwick, Rhode Island with his wife, Carol.

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