Crystal Russell Releases TENDER OFFERS

Crystal Russell Releases TENDER OFFERS

Inspired by her love for the practice of law and a desire to share the excitement of business, author Crystal Russell reveals an entertaining, darkly witty story about business, lawyers and all those people in the cosmetics industry who work to create an image of ageless beauty in an artificial world where image is all. In "Tender Offers", the entertainment and business worlds collide in a cut-throat industry where beauty is marketed like a commodity.

Russell's prime plot-builder is the creation of an international company in the cut throat cosmetics industry. The company, located in Beverly Hills, California, is run by Stanford Wentz, a man whose days as a movie star never materialized but who still has his remarkable good looks. He is assisted by his unlikely partner, Aaron Rose, who is a ruthless entrepreneur. Readers are given titillating behind the scenes glimpse into the soul of greed dressed up as glamour. Their business world is driven by people who will do anything for money and power. It is populated by lawyers who work behind the scenes in mysterious and arcane processes which legal eagle Russell shines an ironic fictive light on.

The author thoroughly describes what lawyers do and their intimate involvement in the deal-making process. It should force some re-examination as to the role the lawyers play in the hard-hitting, even over-the-top deals they put together. The book exposes a façade that is the Beverly Hills entertainment world where image is more important than reality. It is all fun, gorgeous tongue-in-cheek reading that provides real understanding of the modern business world.

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