Christopher Brice's New Book Shares a Deeply Personal and Moving Account of His Life

July 14
6:26 2014
Christopher Brice's New Book Shares a Deeply Personal and Moving Account of His Life

Alexandria, LA

With his "old self" disintegrating, barriers that hinder total interaction in the moment for him no longer exist. Along with a "band" of associates often fueled by psychedelics and other contraband, he and they plow fearlessly into the nights and heights of exhilarating extremes, and thus comes "Wild Tales from the East." Life's events unfold for author Christopher Brice from Louisiana, to California, and ultimately culminate in Okinawa, Japan.

"Wild Tales from the East" is a first person, present tense recapitulation of the author's four year foray through the tumultuous period of the late sixties and early seventies. Christopher Brice enlists for four years in the US Navy as a hospital corpsman. Hurling headlong into a turbulent transitional period in the nation's history, his inner journey, in many ways, reflects the upheavals of that day. He soon finds himself in Southern California and discovers there that the simplistic world of rural Louisiana has ill prepared him for the waves of change heading his way. With the Vietnam War dividing loyalties, conflicts also abound within Brice as he searches for self-identity, his place in the sun, and that elusive thing called love.

Brice's gradual inculcation into the counterculture movement often places him in conflict with himself and the military's ideals. He struggles to bridge two worlds: one of the status quo and the other of a world that reflects his emerging sense of independence and freedom. Although he still harbors emotional attachment to a doomed illicit affair, he opts to marry a hometown girl and thus maintain normalcy. However, all wedding plans went off when he unexpectedly receives orders to go to Okinawa.


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