Nancy Duarte's New Book SLIDEDOCS is Now Available

 Nancy Duarte's New Book SLIDEDOCS is Now Available

In today's fast-paced, mobile world, shorter, tighter, visual communication is the go-to method for getting everybody on the same page quickly. Documents can be exhaustive and time intensive and a full presentation may not be needed for every conversation.

Nancy Duarte's brand new book Slidedocs, officially released today, presents a unique new medium for developing communications that retain presentation software's ability to seamlessly integrate graphics and words, while promoting information that is easily understood and can quickly travel throughout an organization.

Slidedocs, the third book in Nancy's series, provides a step-by-step tutorial and real-world examples that show companies how to do away with documents and boring, unnecessary presentations by combining their strengths reducing the amount of text and adding compelling visuals that help people understand the concept quickly and easily. And, to make the process of adopting the new Slidedoc approach even easier, Nancy is giving the book away free of charge.

"Internet and mobile communications have reconditioned us to want information in small chunks," said Nancy Duarte, best-selling author and CEO of Duarte, Inc. "Today, content not boiled down to its essence feels like a time-waster. Thus, short, tight bites of information that people can read independently of a presenter, have become the default way of communicating ideas. With Slidedocs, we have declared this form of communication its own medium, and have provided all the tools needed to help people create compelling content that spreads important insights quickly and clearly."

Why Slidedocs?
There's no doubt we are a presentation culture. By some estimates, Microsoft's PowerPoint has been installed on roughly one billion computers globally. On average, we give 350 presentations every second of every day.

This behavior has been adopted because presentations are one of the best ways to communicate ideas, persuade an audience to adopt an idea, and pursue a course of action. Yet, we have heard industry pundits call for an end to presentations, as they are often misused. Slidedocs proves that, presentations can play a vital role in many settings, but they need additional support through slidedocs to continue the momentum. Slidedocs allow communicators to break complex ideas into small chunks of information and readers the time to absorb the information at their own pace.

The book provides a 'how to' guide to help the presenter determine which mode of communication best suits their needs, and gives step-by-step instructions and examples for how to convert a long document or dense presentation into a slidedoc or how to develop a compelling slidedoc from scratch that is explanatory, promotes visual thinking and can be understood very quickly. And, it walks the reader through the optimal ways to present slidedocs and promote them throughout an organization.

Slidedocs Benefits
Simply put, slidedocs communicate on a presenter's behalf. When information needs to be conveyed without the help of a formal presenter, slidedocs can act as a pre-read, an emissary, follow-up material or reference material. Slidedocs work because:

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