re: Who have you gotten stuff back from?

Who have you gotten stuff back from?
Posted: 10/23/05 at 10:47pm
I'm sure this has been posted before but I was just wondering who people have gotten autographs back from when they mailed them stuff. I've gotten stuff back from Shoshana Bean and Norbert Leo Butz, but I never got anything back from Sherie Rene Scott...I was just wondering...thanks
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- My DRS CD insert signed by most of the cast(still trying to figure out some of them)
- Spamalot CD insert signed by Sara Ramirez
- ASU CD insert signed by Cheyenne Jackson
- Little Shop CD insert signed by Hunter Foster
- Wicked CD insert signed by Idina Menzel
- waiting for Kristin Chenoweth to send back Wicked CD insert
- also waiting for my Rent CD insert back from Rosario

Would I put c/o The Public Theater Stage door if I was writing something to Idina?
How long does it take for Kristin C. to send back?
yeah you send it c/o to the public theatre for Idina here it is:

Idina Menzel
c/o The Public Theater
425 Lafayette Street
NY, NY 10003
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The only one would be the fabulous Raúl Esparza!
What the puck?!
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Thanks for the address drswickedl5y998.
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I have a question that's kind of along the same lines as this, so I think it's OK to put it in this thread (if not, let me know and I'll start a new one).

The community theatre back in my home town is in the beginning stages of putting together a silent auction as part of a fundraising event. They've gotten pledges for donations of tickets to some shows in Chicago (it's in the midwest), and things like that. I'm wondering, though, about getting some autographed stuff from Broadway actors. I've heard that you can try writing to actors and they sometimes send back an autographed headshot or program. Would it be rude to request it, or request a program vs. a headshot or headshot vs. a program? And could I send something to be autographed--like if someone donated a t-shirt from a particular show, could we send it to the theatre to have it autographed and sent back? I would assume that, no matter what, you would send a self-addressed stamped envelope. Is there anything else I should know? Thanks!
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~a signed headshot from matt morrison
~a nice little note from celia kennan-bolger
~and e-mails from LaChanze and Jeff Blumenkrantz
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Idina Menzel
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Isabel Keating

(I got a nice note from Stephanie and a REALLY nice letter from Isabel)
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I had sent Sara Ramirez a picture of myself with her and she sent it back signed along with a really sweet letter.
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Sutton Foster, Idina, Brooke Shields among the many.

>Renthead Kristin takes months and months (if she replies at all)
>pndmnd Sending stuff is fine, allow several month for it to be returned. If you send something that you want the entire cast to sign it may take longer and usually everyone doesn’t sign it anyway. Ive found that when writing and asking for a signed headshot or playbill most send the signed playbill, simply because they have easy access to them and it doesn’t cost anything. If you write that its for a charity or include some type of letter from the theatre im sure they will be more than glad to sign.
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i sent Cheyenne a pic that i took of him at Broadway Barks that was just too funny (it was my av twice)... i sent 1 for him to keep and asked for 1 signed... and he did. he also sent back a headshot signed. i thought it was so cool... i didn't expect BOTH! he's the best
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The one letter I sent to a broadway performer I never got one back. It was Cary by the way (not that it was somewhat obvious). Sent it in early May. I totally forgot I sent it until this thread came to my attention. I will try a few more people when I have time to write the letters.
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What's the address for Rosario Dawson?
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I sent Megan Hilty a picture that I took with her Jan. 9, and she sent it back to me autographed, and she wrote me a very nice letter. It was very sweet of her!
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I sent Daphne Rubin-Vega a letter back when she was in Rocky Horror. I wasn't expecting anything back and she sent me her CD, Souviners signed and a headshot, signed. I was so happy and now I can't find either
I got an e-mail from John Hill, but that's the only contact I had ever made with an actor.
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I've gotten back through the mail all of the following items signed and most of them inscribed. I'm sure I'm leaving out a couple...

-DRS Playbill from John Lithgow
-DRS photo from Norbert Leo Butz
-Headshot from Joanna Gleason
-DRS Cast Signed Playbill from Sara Gettelfinger
-Headshot from Matt Morrison
-25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee cast signed Playbill from Derrick Baskin along with a letter
-Wicked photo from Idina Menzel
-Wicked photo from Ben Vereen
-Wicked Playbill signed by George Hearn, also signed by David Ayers and Shoshana Bean
-Wicked Playbill signed by Carole Shelley along with a photo and 2 page letter.
-Wicked photo from David Ayers
-Wicked photo from Bill Youmans
-Wicked photo from Megan Hilty and a cute letter
-2 Cast signed Pillowman Playbills from Jeff Goldblum
-Cast signed Glengarry Glenn Ross Playbill from Liev Schreiber
-Headshot and Playbil from Jeffrey Tambor
-Headshot from Marrisa Jarout Winokur (sorry about the spelling)
-Headshot from Adam Pascal
-Headshot from Jason Robert Brown
-Wicked photo from Michelle Federer
-Photo from Eden Espinosa
-La Cage aux Folles Playbill from Gary Beach
-Headshot from Tim Curry
-Spamalot Playbill from David Hyde Pierce
-Virginia Woolf Playbill from Kathleen Turner
-Steel Magnolias Playbill from Frances Sternhagen
-Cast signed Avenue Q Playbill from Barrett Foa
-Headshot from Stephanie J. Block
-Headshot from Cheyenne Jackson
-Fiddler Playbill from Harvey Fierstein
-Dracula Playbill from Tom Hewitt

I'm sure there are more that I just can't remember. You can see scans of about half of this list at (my autograph website).

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MyManCape--Thanks for that info--it was actually really helpful. This would take place in the spring (I think they're doing it in April), so I've already passed on the info. that they should get going on it!

I do have another question, though. You write to the actor at the theatre, right? So how do you address it? Would it be

Actor So-and So
c/o Theatre Name
Street Address
City, State Zip

Or is the c/o something else, or is it directly to the actor?
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you go it
Actors Name
c/o ________________ Theatre Stage Door
City ...
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Should you send a SASE with it? Just wondering.
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A SASE is generally a good thing to send. Make sure it's big enough for whatever you're asking for. (Please click and help me win!) I chose, and my world was shaken- So what?
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what's a SASE?
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I've gotten something back from every single person I've sent anything to - with one small exception. I happened to meet that person about a year later and he assured me that if he had received it, he would have returned it to me. I have no reason at all to doubt him. Some just take longer than others.

I have one rather unique Playbill from DRS that I sent to Joanna Gleason and she signed and returned it within a week. Hers is the only signature on it right now. (Anyone who's stood at the stage door there for autographs understands why this is unique. Joanna is wonderful about signing. She's just very uncomfortable doing the stage door thing.)
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mamie4 5/14/03
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I would be lying if I said that I never did this kind of stuff...cause who doesn't love an autographed picture or playbill? It's great fun. Plus as a college student, mail is like---a survival technique. So a letter or whatnot from a broadway star is MUCH appreciated.

But sometimes I ponder to myself, "Self, why is it that we humans love to have someone we don't even know, and who certainly doesn't know us, write their name (sometimes illegibly) in sharpie ? "

end of pondering.

EDT: I have gotten stuff from the cast of Little Women, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Michelle Federer, and I'm waiting on one from Spelling Bee.
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