What happened to Ruthie Ann Miles?

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What happened to Ruthie Ann Miles?
Posted: 8/16/14 at 04:54pm
Saw Here Lies Love yesterday and Ruthie was still out. The staff was vague when I asked about her. The standby was great. However my only complaint is that she is a waif which works for young Imelda but she is just a slip of a thing and swims in those costumes. No curves like the real Imelda. I had to suspend my disbelief for older Imelda. Anyone know how Ruthie is?
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What happened to Ruthie Ann Miles?
Posted: 8/16/14 at 05:00pm
She never fully recovered from an injury, so she's still out while it heals.
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What happened to Ruthie Ann Miles?
Posted: 8/16/14 at 06:05pm
I wondered myself when I saw it recently. Understudy is talented, but I agree not physically suited to the second half of the show.

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