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Honeymoon will open at the Nederlander and Love Letters at the Brooks. Same dates.
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Interesting, wonder why they made the switch.
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Good: I honestly think it would have been such a waste of Newsies closing if Love Letters took over. Because there's no sets, right? Just 2 people in a stage?
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Nederlander has 1,232 seats and the Brooks Atkinson has 1,069. Interesting. Odd though because many would argue Nederlander has one of the worst theater locations, and the Brooks Atkinson is pretty prime. Love Letters hardly needs the exposure though with their star power, meanwhile Honeymoon needs to be visible to the public, I would think.
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What the hell is the difference if the next show at the Nederlander has a set or not?
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LOVE LETTERS was booked into the Nederlander as a filler show between NEWSIES and the revival of ...FORUM, which was supposed to take the theater in the spring. Now that ...FORUM may not be happening at all without James Corden, the Nederlanders have made the appropriate switch with HONEYMOON IN VEGAS, since it's much better suited to the larger of the two houses.
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So now two Paper Mill productions have transferred to the Netherlander.
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I hope this doesn't mean FORUM is done for good
I was really looking forward to that revival!
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Ugh what a headache for both design teams.
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Too bad "Mama Mia" and "Side Show" couldn't switch. Just my opinion.
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Newsies closing has nothing to do with whatever show was coming in next. NOTHING.
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This is a major setback for Honeymoon in Vegas. An awful location and larger theatre (and in my opinion, one of my least favorite houses on Broadway) could swallow this production whole. I love Jason Robert Brown and from what I've heard him say and perform from this new musical, it has the potential to be his first Broadway financial success! The Nederlander Theatre could greatly and negatively impact this. I do hope I am incorrect!
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Perhaps the move is occurring because another show really wants the Brooks Atkinson for the spring, which may not have been possible with an open-ended show in that theater?

Or maybe it's just as simple as wanting to have more seats to sell. I do agree, though, that the Nederlander's location is far less desirable.
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The Nederlander has been home to both RENT and NEWSIES, so the location doesn't always hurt. Heck, even MILLION DOLLAR QUARTER played 500 shows there.

The only shows to play for long at the Atkinson lately have been GREASE and ROCK OF AGES, so the location doesn't always help.

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Makes sense. I'm sure it will fit nicely into that theater. And I would imagine this means Forum isn't happening. At least not this season since Honeymoon is open-ended.
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Looks like Love Letters wants to stay open after Anjelica Huston/Martin Sheen, as the website says "And Many More Brilliant Talents To Be Announced!"
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"Newsies closing has nothing to do with whatever show was coming in next. NOTHING."

Huh? You mean if Newsies wasn't closing, one of the other shows would still be coming in anyway? Wouldn't that cause a lot of confusion on the stage -- two shows going on at once?
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^ A lot of the guesswork on here was that Newsies was leaving to free that theater up for Forum, but that Love Letters would be able to fill the gap between shows because it wasn't an open run. Of course, if you subscribe to this theory, it does beg the question why Newsies wouldn't have just played longer if there was a gap, and they are still selling tickets.